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View of the 60 pin Chipswitch IC

don't buy a new rig!

Add dozens of handy features, and operate at 10, 11, and 12 Meters with a
Enhanced Microcomputer.

The HR2510 / HR 2600 / LINCOLN  10 METER Amateur Radios manufactured by the UNIDEN Corporation of America do not encompass many of the useful and desirable features of the modern day Amateur radio.    The Chipswitch IC is a custom microcomputer chip (integrated circuit) which is programmed to give new life and value to your UNIDEN  radio.    Please use the menu above to view further information on each subject.   More than 7200 Chipswitch IC's have been sold since 1993.  Original price was $59.95.   A 64 pin socket is also available.  You can install the chip yourself, or have a dealer / installer do it for you.

Dan Valentine (left) and Derrell Adams (right)
Dan Valentine and Derrell Adams
The two developers of the Chipswitch IC & Priority PCB

and Roger Valentine, who marketed the Chipswitch IC until the product was sold to Bill at Bill's 2 Way

Last updated:  04 March 2004 07:57:49 PM

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